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​​​​​​If you or a family member has recently experienced vision loss, you may have lots of questions – about your eye condition, your options for medical treatment and rehabilitation, and what sources of support are available in your community. The following selected resources may help:

Your e​yes

Find more information about your eyes, eye conditions and treatment options; and locate an eye doctor near you.

Living with vision ​loss

Find helpful products and learn dozens of tips and techniques for leading a full, active life with vision loss. 

Community-based program​s and services

Learn about local programs available in your area to help you build your independence and get the most out of life with vision loss.

Professional stand​ards for vision loss rehabilitation therapy

Find out more about vision loss rehabilitation therapy standards, as well as how this therapy works and what it entails.  

Other help​ful links 

Access other helpful information and resources that may be of interest to you. ​